Advanti - the Adventurer

Advanti is adaptable. It uses existing structures – the tree, the bench or the pillar – and with that, creates divers possibilities for different kinds of games, for relaxation and for the spirit of adventure beyond the borders of areas, which were especially arranged for kids.

Advanti is handy. You can take it along, drag it behind yourself or even, with some fantasy, attach it to your pannier rack.

Advanti can be a safe haven, a possibility to swing or climb. Its collapsible trolley can become a ladder to reach yet unreached branches or other elevated structures.

Advanti is expandable. Either with own means – which could be sticks, a sorted out sheet, or an extension of the rope – the principle of design is open, so that its possibilities grow with the users creativity.

Advanti creates companionship. It can be a gathering place or reason for a first approach between potentially new friends.

Advanti promotes confidence – in the users own abilities and in the game partner´s. Playing with the different parts of Advanti contains a lot of potential for adventures, but also some risks and the incentive to get along with new situations and surroundings. Things, that are very important for the holistic development of a child.

Key data:

The Adventurer - suitable for children with the age of 6

Oiled beechwood, tires made out of solid rubber, accessory cord

Sailcloth, cotton webbing, lugs, made from accessory cord

Seating surface
Sailcloth, cotton webbing, accessory cord, 3DEA three dimensional textile

Four wooden bars
Oiled beechwood

Eight meters of rope
Accessory cord, waxed whipping twine

Two short and two long loops
Accessory cord, waxed whipping twine

Six tent pegs
Beechwood, paint, which ist suitable for children

Six carabiner hooks
Aluminum carabiners, (Twin Gate, Grivel)

Five manual-cards
Offset printing paper, flatly laminated